Innovating Solutions, Transforming IDEAS

Utilizing modern programming languages as our platform, we refine, design & build digital products for startups & established businesses.

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Partners & Clients:

Bring ideas to life with Frisidea

Frisidea Tech Holding is the enterprise technology partner of choice for software development. Our portfolio spans a breadth of technologies from open source (JavaScript, Python, Java, etc.) to Microsoft (.NET, C#, etc.), web development to native mobile applications (iOS, Android), and everything in between.

The ideal collaborator at every phase of technology development.

  • Design and build stunning and usable apps for web and mobile.
  • Build product for new startup or established business.
  • A group of highly skilled developers specializing in agile development methodology.
  • Focus on e-Commerce / Fintech / Business Enterprise utilizing modern programming languages as our platform.
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What Makes Frisidea Different

At Frisidea Tech holding, we specialize in the structural design of complex systems and services. We help you elevate your business by taking your product to the next level through consult and the craft of design.

Web Development

Utilizing latest programming languages to efficiently develop front & back end of digital products.

Strategic Design

Improve the interaction between the user and the application or device by experienced UI/UX team.

Mobile Development

Beautifully crafted using full native iOS & Android apps, web-based hybrid apps & native cross-platform apps.

Staff Augmentation

Provide staffing solution for businesses to fill the gap in team or to fulfill the technology objectives.

Concrete Security

Consult on the various security issues facing the brand to ensure the operation is well protected.

Digital Marketing

Use various digital channels to generate leads & brand awareness for products and services.

Collaborating and helping at every stage

Be the perfect partner at any stage of the business development.

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Frisidea Tech Holding unveils a series of in-house startups set to revolutionize diverse industries.

Empowering visionaries

As an early-stage investment firm, we back talented entrepreneurs with exceptional technologies. Offering modest seed funding, we aid companies in refining their ideas, steering technology development, and executing solutions.

Tech Solutions, Strategic Insights

Frisidea Tech Holding is your premier technology consulting partner, delivering top-tier professional services and industry insights. Our mission centers on promoting strategic initiatives in development operations, offering cloud provisioning, security, and custom Agile development to enhance IT organizations throughout project delivery phases.

Applications we have created

Serving different needs in a variety of industries.

  • Fintech

    Apps that allows users to solicit funds from supporters to support their cause.

  • Edutech

    Ed tech startup that serves the schools, candidates and companies.

  • Insurtech

    Created & implemented to improve the efficiency of the insurance industry.

  • Social Commerce

    Allows users to sell products or services directly on their social media.

  • Social Networking

    Networking and dating apps that provides users opportunity to get to know each other.

  • Care Beyond Launch

    Digital products are never fully finished. After the first big design push we stand by to create new features or to assist developers with assets delivery.

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Let's EXCEL together

We'd love to hear more about your idea. Talk to us and turn your great idea into reality or something even greater!